How to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles can make you look tired and effects most people. However there are ways to help get rid of dark eye circles from creams to natural remedy. Here is a guide for dark eye circle treatment.


What causes dark eye circles?

Before we talk about getting rid of dark eye circles, let’s find out what they are and how they are caused. First all dark circles are not caused by lack of sleep or tiredness. Dark circles are similar to bruising of the skin, dark circles indicate blood vessels or hereditary pigment.

how to get rid of dark eye circles

Dark Eye Circle Treatment

There are several ways to treat dark eye circles here are some dark eye circle treatments

Natural Remedy

For those who don’t want try the natural route there are some natural remedies to treat dark eye circles. For a quick fix apply tea bags soaked in ice water or slices of cucumber and rest for about 15 minutes or longer.

Dark Eye Circle Cream

If you find you need extra dark eye circle treatment and the natural remedy is enough to lighten you dark eye circles you can use a dark eye circle cream. To lighten your dark eye circles, use a cream containing hydroquinone or kojic acid as these two ingredients both brighten hyperpigmented skin. To apply eye cream just pat the eye cream under your eye during you daily skin care routine. If you are using eye cream during the day make sure to apply sun screen afterwards especially if you eye cream does not contain any spf.

Conceal Dark Eye Circles

You can cosmetically improve the appearance of dark circles using creams or concealer. Choose creams that contain mica or light diffusing particles to brighten your eyes. For concealer use a peach or yellow toned concealer to colour correct the purple dark tone under your eyes.

More Tips

Try drinking more water to help clear your body of impurities and stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen when out doors.