Top 4 Best Natural Remedies to Soothe Sunburnt Skin

Getting sunburnt is not an uncommon scenario for those stepping out into the sun. Sunburns and be painful, very red and cause nausea. If you have made the mistake and forgot to apply enough sun screen, here are some natural remedies to help you treat sunburns.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most common natural ingredient used to help sooth sunburns. Whilst most after sun beauty products contain Aloe Vera, the best way to soothe a sun burn is to use freshly cut Aloe Vera. Cut a leaf of Aloe Vera and use the gel like substance contained inside. Gently apply this to the affect area for maximum relief.

Herbal Baths

An herbal bath is a great way to soothe your skin after it has been badly burnt. Add 10 drops of chamomile oil or lavender oil to your bath. For maximum relief use cool water, but avoid very cold water.

Egg Whites

Egg whites can help relief your skin from the stinging sensation caused by sunburns. Apply egg whites to the affected area of your skin. You should feel the stinging sensation slowly disappearing. Reapply if needed.


Apply cider vinegar is also great for relieving your skin from the painful stinging feeling. Soak some vinegar on a cotton pad and apply it to the affected areas. Reapply if needed.