Best Cleanser for Dry Skin 2011

When looking for a cleanser for your dry skin you are looking for something that will cleanse all dirt and grime without stripping off your natural oils. You will want to choose a milky cleanser. If your skin is very dry then use the cleanser during the night and in the morning avoid washing your face with cleanser and just splash your face with water.

Here is the list for best facial cleansers for dry skin

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

A very gentle and effective cleanser, great for all skin type but highly recommended for those people with sensitive or dry skin. It is designed by dermatologist so you know, it is gentle for your skin.

pHisoderm Deep Cleaning Cream Cleanser

This cleanser is great for cleaning off make-up and gentle enough for dry skin. Its pH balance and is alcohol and soap free

Avene Essentials Gentle Milk Cleanser

This is a no-rinse formula which you use a cotton pad to wipe off dirt, make-up and grease. This is fantastic as a gentle make-up remover.