Best Natural Face Mask Recipe

Are you looking for a great face scrub recipe which is gentle on your skin and uses natural ingredients? Here is a luxurious blend of almonds, oatmeal, milk and rose petals. Purchase the rose petals from a herbalist and grow then at home to ensure they are free from chemicals. The rose petals can be powdered in a mortar and pestle or can be grinded in a coffee grinder. When mixed with almond oil, the scrub will cleanse the face and leave it silky soft. This recipe makes enough for 10 treatments.


45ml/3 tablespoons of ground almonds (without the skin)

45ml/3 tablespoons of medium oatmeal

45ml/3 tablespoons of powdered milk

30ml/2 tablespoon if powdered rose petals

Almond oil


Mixing bowl


Lidded glass jar

How to make a face scrub

Put all the ingredients in a bowl and combine thoroughly. Then store the mixture in a sealed jar. When you are ready to use the facial scrub, take a handful of the mixture and blend it to make a soft paste with a little almond oil.

facial scrub recipe

How to apply a face scrub

To apply the facial scrub, lightly rub onto damp skin. Use a circular motion and avoid the skin around your eye.

Rinse off thoroughly and gently pat your skin dry. Finish off with your favourite moisturizer.