Best Way to Remove Mascara

Mascara can be tough to remove especially if it is waterproof, but you always need to make sure you remove all your mascara as it may damage your eyelashes if you leave it on. If you find mascara annoying to remove try reading these tips

Removing Regular Mascara

Regular mascaras are not waterproof so they are generally easier to remove. Try using a creamy or water based makeup remover. This should dissolve the mascara without having to scrub your eye area.mascara

Best Eye Makeup Remover

Removing Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras can be a lot tougher to remove. Oil based eye makeup removers are the best to remove waterproof formulas. Massage the cleansing oil into your lashes and then press them with a damp cotton pad or a wash cloth. Avoid rubbing as this can by abrasive and don’t use a tissue as this can leave residue.******

Best Waterproof Makeup Remover

Unless you are using a gentle non-soap cleanser avoid using your regular facial cleanser to remove your eye makeup, as it may be too irritating to use on your delicate eye area.