How to apply perfect pencil eyeliner

Using eyeliner is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. Sometimes it can be hard to get your eyeliner to look right. Follow this guide on how to apply perfect pencil eyeliner.

Start off by covering any veins by smoothing the skin’s surface with a fine layer of concealor, creamy foundation or translucent powder.

To get a good view of your eyelids, look into the mirror and tilt your chin upwards. Roll the tip of the sharpened pencil between two clean fingertips to soften and warm up the tip of the pencil.

For maximum control hold the pencil closest to the tip. Draw a long continuous line on your lash line. Use variable pressure to control the thickness of the line.

For a sultrier look, line the lower lash line.

For an edgier look, draw a line from the lower corner straight out rather than curving it upward along the bottom curve of the eye.

For a smoky look, use a cotton bud to smudge the eyeliner.