Best Ways to Shrink Large Pores Fast

Most likely, you have at times looked closely at yourself in the mirror and noticed that the pores on your face are visible, sometimes big enough for you to count them. Some people observe this occasionally while others may realize that their pores are always large. You may have wondered if it is possible for them to disappear and leave you with a smooth, soft skin. Pores may be enlarged for three possible reasons; excessive oil production in the body, age factor or they may be purely genetics, so they are nothing to worry about.

It is important to note that it is actually impossible to reduce the size of your skin pores. However, you can take measures to minimize their appearance, hence your skin maintains a smooth look.

Below are tips on how to reduce the pore size:

  1. shrink large pores fastCleansing and moisturizing – It is impossible to eliminate pores from the skin, since they are important organs in the excretory system. Keeping them invisible is achieved by making an effort to keep them closed. This is realized by keeping them clean. Pores are usually clogged and kept open by dirt and impurities. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness enables the pores to stay free of these clogging substances, hence they keep closed and result to a smooth skin. Cleaning your face twice a day helps to maintain skin cleanliness. Keeping the skin moist throughout the day also helps to keep the pores closed. When the skin is moist, it remains supple, hence maintaining its smoothness. To achieve this, you may have to use skin moisturizers.
  2. Exfoliating – Skin exfoliation involves getting rid of extra oil, dirt, impurities and dead cells from the skin. Baking Soda makes a good exfoliating agent. The white part of the egg is also an effective exfoliating agent. It clears away the excess oil from the skin, hence reducing the chances of pores being clogged. You may also opt to go for commercial exfoliating agents. In this case, it is important to check that you don’t use products that may end-up being defective or those that may cause side effects. If done once per week, results are evident after a while.
  3. Skin toning – It involves getting rid of dirt and excessive oil from the skin. Most of the skin toners essentially close the pores and tighten the skin as well. When the skin is tightened, its smoothness is enhances and the pores are diminished.

Here are the best skin toners you can try;

Lemon juice – It contains natural enzymes that firm up and tighten the facial skin. Its acidic quality cleans deep skin impurities and Vitamin C in it lightens the skin.

Cucumber juice and Rese water also effectively tighten up the skin.

Apple Cider vinegar – It is a natural astringent which removes blackheads, thick oils, whiteheads, and also cleans the pores.

  1. Use of pore reducers – While it is impossible to completely eliminate pores from the skin or close them permanently, employing tactics to try to reduce their size is a viable option. Some skin treatments reduce the pore size, hence significantly reducing their appearance. They include;


ID-100218105 (1)Homemade tomato lotion – With its astringent properties, tomato juice significantly reduces the size of enlarged skin pores.

Sugar Scrub and Egg White also shrink large pores.

Yoghurt mask – yoghurt contains probiotics and lactic acid. These keep acne-causing bacteria in check, thereby reducing the size of the pore openings.

Kaolin clay – It is highly recommended for its effect on large, clogged pores. A clay mask will produce noticeable results when applied just once or twice a week.

  1. Avoiding glare from the sun – Exposure to sunlight for extended periods causes destructive effects to the skin. In addition, it leads to the skin becoming less supple, hence the pores look bigger. It is advisable to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of up to 30 and avoid the 10 a.m – 4 p.m sun.

Keeping the skin smooth with pores closed most of the time actually depends on your effort. While it may be a genetically obtained condition or even the natural effect of aging, your endeavour to maintain a smooth skin is result – oriented. Ranging from the ordinary cleanliness measures to extra efforts, taking the initiative to maintain your young, smooth skin depends entirely on how much you are willing to do.

Best products for shrinking large pores:

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

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