Loose Powder Vs Pressed Powder: How to Choose the Right Powder

Face powder is a must for every makeup lover. It can give your skin an amazing finish and has many different uses.

So why use face powder.  Here are some good reasons why to use face powder.

Powder gives you a super smooth sheen to your skin – whether or not you use foundation.

It can set your foundation, so it stays put and lasts a lot longer.

Powder can help prevent shine as it absorbs oil from your skin.

Powder can also help conceal any open pores.

How to choose your powder

There are two types of powder to choose from, a loose powder which you use at home and a pressed powder, generally used when you go out.

Loose Powder

loose powder

Loose powder gives the best and longest lasting finish. It’s the number one choice of professional makeup artists and models. The best way to apply loose powder is to dust it lightly onto your skin using a large, soft powder brush. Then lightly brush over your face again to dust off the access.

Pressed Powder

pressed powder

Compacts containing pressed powder are ideal for carrying in your bag as they are light weight, simple and quick to use. Most press powders come with their own application sponges, however you will find you get better results by apply pressed powder with a powder brush. For added convenience, look for makeup brushes with retractable heads. This makes it easy to carry.

If you do use a sponge, use it lightly to pat the powder onto your face. Wash it regularly as you’ll transfer the oils on your skin on to the powder and get build up.