How to Make Dry Skin Glow

Find your dry skin is looking a little dull and tired? Here are some steps to make your dry skin glow again.


To avoid irritation, try a mini exfoliation. Microfoliants normally contain a rice based powder, skin brighteners and anti-inflammatories. If you are happy to keep your exfoliation to twice per week, try salicylic acid or lactic acid exfoliants, as they can smooth the skin without irritation.


Try applying a hydrating mask that contains hyaluronic acid for 10 minutes at least twice per week. Follow this with a hydrating booster or serum, then seal in the effects with your moisturizer. If the skin is “oil dry” as well as dehydrated, use an intensive moisture mask.


To reduce the need to apply lashings of moisturizer, spritz the skin with a hydrating toner that contains hyaluronic acid. The acid holds approximately 100 times its own weight in moisture, and evens out the skin’s porosity, hydrating dry patches.


A moisturizer’s function is to seal and protect the skin from the environment. Once spritzed with toner, you will only need to apply a pea-sized blob. Look for brands that use silicones to coat and protect the skin, blended with evening primrose oil and shea butter to moisturize.