How to DIY At Home Brazilian and Bikini Wax

Getting a brazilian or bikini wax done at the beauticians can be one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can experience. That is why a lot of women decide to wax their bikini line or do an entire brazilian themselves. However it may not be the easiest thing to do on your own.

The Pros and Cons to doing a brazilian or bikini wax at home

There are many advantages and disadvantages to waxing your bikini or brazilian yourself here are a few:

Disadvantages to brazilian or bikini wax at home

It is basically a lot harder to wax your private parts at home. Because you’re in a awkward position it’s hard to see the spots where you need to wax. Another problem you may find is that it is easier to hesitate when pull the wax because you fear the pain. Anticipating the pain is the worst feeling especially when it is self inflicted. If you are a waxing newbie you may also come into problems the wax not being the right temperature. That is why you should always test the wax on a non sensitive spot on your skin before slathering all over your sensitive private parts. And because of all these issues you need to take your time to wax properly which can take time, if you’re busy then it might be more time efficient to wax at a salon.

Advantages to brazilian or bikini wax at home

The main advantage to waxing at home is your sense of privacy. This is an especially important aspect if your body shy, many people just don’t want to bare everything in front of a stranger. Another important factor is hygiene. Sometimes it is a lot more hygienic to wax at home since you have more control over cleanliness. The problem with a lot of beauty salons is to save time and money they can take short cuts. For example; not clean the waxing area properly and double dipping the waxing stick into the wax. Another big and major advantage is cost. You can buy a wax kit that last 2 to 3 sessions for the fraction of the price of doing at the salon. If you’re looking to save money, then this will make a huge difference to your wallet.

best guide bikini brazilian wax at home

How to do a brazilian or bikini wax at home (DIY guide)

First you need to find the right wax for you. The best type of wax for a brazilian or bikini wax is hard wax. Hard wax does not use strips it simply needs to be warmed up where it will turn soft. After applying it to your skin it will harden and be ready to be pulled off.

Before you start using your wax you need to make sure your hair is the right length to be waxed. it should be half a centimetre to a centimetre long if it’s too short the wax wont grip and if is too long it can be more painful and the wax won’t apply properly. You can easily trim the hairs if it is too long.

Make sure you read the instructions of the wax, every manufacture will have a different heating guide. Whilst your waiting to heat up the wax, clean your brazilian or bikini area. You kit should come with some gentle wipes.

Start waxing in small areas, apply wax in smaller areas. Start off by applying against the grain and whilst it is still soft using your stick, move the wax around in a figure 8 shape. This will make sure every hair will get caught by the wax.

Let the wax set, it should be firm enough to be apply to remove in one pull. Compress the wax and then in one big pull, pull the wax against the growth of your hair. Quickly apply pressure to the freshly waxed area using your hand to help relieve the pain.

Remember to wax on small section, it is easily to be tempted to wax in big section but the hair may not remove properly and it can be more painful and lead to bruising. For more hard to reach areas, you may need to be more flexible and try using a full length mirror to help see where your waxing.

You can remove left over residue for your skin using the used wax, roll it into a ball and press onto the residue to remove. Your kit should also come with a after wax wipe to apply once you finished removing all your hair.

at home brazilian wax kits

Other alternatives

Waxing can be a pain.. literally!! But it is a lot better than shaving because your hair free longer and you can avoid cuts and the dreaded stubble. However another good alternative is laser hair removal. It can be costly at first but the results can be permanent which will save you money in the long run. These days the technology is better, you can use it on all skin colours and types. Plus laser hair removal is a lot cheaper and more affordable than what it used to be.