At Home Waxing Tips

Waxing is a hair removal method which uses a sticky resin to bind the hair to the wax and gets pulled off (in the opposite direction of the hair growth) from the root of the hair.

Waxing has many benefits:

Avoid cuts which can occur when shaving

You remain hair free for longer. Effects can last up to two to six weeks.

Faster than tweezing as it can do one large area at a time

Whilst it can be easier to go to a salon for waxing, waxing at home gives you more privacy, in some cases can be more hygienic and is a lot cheaper.

Here are some tips for waxing at home:

There are two types of waxes to choose from, a strip wax and a hard wax. For areas where your body hair is thicker and sensitive areas use hard wax. Hard wax grips to the thick hairs a lot better and is not as rough as strip wax when pulling off. For other areas such as legs and arms use strip wax.

When purchasing strip wax choose a wax that is water soluble. This means you can wash off the residue wax easily using water.

If you can’t wash off wax using water try using body oil. This should break down the wax residue.

Make sure you clean thoroughly the area you want to wax, your body oils will repel the wax if you don’t. It you find you still have a lot of excess oil, dust a little baby powder to the area before you wax.

Always taut your skin tight when pulling off the wax, if you don’t, you can cause trauma and bruising to your skin.

To help with the pain apply pressure with your hand to the freshly waxed area.

Never do a bikini wax right before your period as your skin is extra sensitive.


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