Sensitive Skin Solutions

Sensitive skin affects millions and millions of people and can be a heavy burden to bear. Confused about what causes skin sensitivity or how to prevent it? Keep Reading to find out more.

How to tell if you have sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin can appear in many ways, common symptoms of sensitive skin include rashes, redness, blotchy patches, tingling, burning, dryness or flaking. Sensitive tend to have bad reacts to many chemicals especially in beauty products and cause irritation.

What causes the reaction?

There can be several different causes to sensitive skin sometimes it can be a deficiency in the immunity system, high stress levels or it could even just be hereditary. Another cause can be excessive hot soapy showers. Sometimes sun damage may also cause sensitivity.

How to avoid sensitive skin?

Try to avoid using too much products on your skin which contain sodium lauryl sulphate. Avoid any skincare with perfume or fragrance. Always be aware when using house hold products with harsh chemicals such as bleach and cleaning agents, make sure to always use gloves. When trying new products conduct a patch test before purchasing. Do this by applying a small amount of product on the inside part of the elbow and leaving it for 24 hours to see whether there is a reaction.

What products should be used on sensitive skin?

Use skincare that is specifically made for sensitive skin. There are many out there available now days. If you find these products do not work you may have to use visit a dermatologist to find a better solution and product for your skin. Remember to always keep skin care simple and always read.

Recommended products to use of sensitive skin:

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