Choosing the Right Face Mask

One of the must-have skin care products you should use are face masks. But just like any other skin care product you choose the right type of face mask for your skin type. Always remember your skin can change with season, so take in account these changes when choosing your face mask. Don’t forget to cleanse your skin before using a face mask and always read the instructions of your mask product carefully.

What are Moisturising Masks?

Moisturizing masks are best for people with dry skin and help boost your skins moisture levels. Moisturizing masks help get rid of dry patches, flakiness and even fine lines. You can always us it as a quick intensive moisturizer. To use moisturizing masks just apply and leave on your skin for 5 to 10 minutes, before being removed with a tissue. The slight residue left on your skin will continue to work, until the next time you cleanse your skin. Use it as a soothing treat especially after being in the sun, or when your skin feels tight.

choosing the right facial mask

Best Moisturizing Face Mask

What are Clay and Mud Masks?

Clay masks are best for anyone with oily skin as they absorb excess grease and impurities. They are an ideal way to help shrink pores, reduce shine and clear blemishes. Once you apply it onto your skin, let it dry for 5 to 15 minutes, then wash it away with warm water. You will be rinsing dead skin cells, dirt and grime away at the same time.

Best Clay Masks and Mud Face Mask

What are Exfoliating Masks?

Masks that lightly exfoliate you skin are a great way to keep your skin in top condition. Exfoliating masks are great for most skin types and can help buff away dead skin cells, which can cause dull looking complexion and blackheads.

Best Exfoliating Face Mask

What are Peel-off Masks?

Peel off masks are good for most skin types. Peel off masks are usually smoothed on, left to dry and the peeled off. Use this mask to refresh oily areas, unclog blocked pores and nourish dry skin.

Best Peel-off Face Mask

What are Gel Masks?

Gel masks are suitable for sensitive skins, as well as oily complexions, as they have a wonderful soothing and cooling effect. Simply apply the gel, lie back, and then wipe off the excess after 5 to 10 minutes. Ideal as an after sun treatment or when you skin feels irritated.

Best Gel Facial Mask