How to Apply Eyeliner on Different Shaped Eyes

A few millimetres of eye makeup can make your whole face more symmetrical and balanced. Optimize your individual eye shape with these specific pointers.

Applying Eyeliner to Small Eyes

Line the inner rims of the lower lids with white, nude or light blue liner to make the whites of your eyes appear brighter and bigger. Leave the top lash line bare.

Applying Eyeliner to Wide-Set Eyes

Minimize the space between them by applying a darker liner on the inner corners and a slightly lighter shade on the rest of the lash lines.

Applying Eyeliner to Round Eyes

Make eyes more oval by lining them at the outer corner. Concentrate mascara on the outer corners of the upper lashes.

Applying Eyeliner to Asian Eyes

Draw a pencil line from the middle of the upper lash lines to the outer corners and all along the bottom lids. Smudge lines. Apply a light shadow on the centre of the upper lid and blends it in.

Applying Eyeliner to Close-Set Eyes

Create the illusion of space between them by applying dark liner on the outer quarter of the top and bottom lash lines.

Applying Eyeliner to Almond-Shaped Eyes

For daytime, line the top lash line and apply neutral shadow on the lid. For night, trace top and bottom lines and gently smudge them.