How to Choose Between Matte and Dewy Foundation

Need help choosing which foundation gives you the best finish? Here is a simple guide to help you decide whether to use dewy foundation or matte foundation.


Matte Foundation:

What is Matte Foundation?

Matte foundation is generally a formula used on your face which creates a flat finish. Matte formulas does not reflect much light so it can reduce shine on your skin which can create an overall soft velvety texture

Who Should Use Matte Foundations?

Matte foundations are best suited for those with oily or combination skin as they can help control shine. Matte foundations are not recommended for dry skin as they may make your skin look too dry

How to Use Matte Foundation?

Make sure you use matte foundation on hydrated or moisturised skin as this will create a smooth even texture. It is best to use a foundation brush and make sure you pay extra attention to oilier spots such as chin, nose and forehead.

Recommended Matte Foundations:

Dewy Foundation:

What is Dewy Foundation?

Dewy foundations consist of a formula that has light reflecting ingredients which helps make your skin luminous which helps even out skin tone. This type of foundation can give you a nice glowing effect.

Who Should Use Dewy Foundations?

Dewy foundations suit everyone except those with oily skin. Using dewy foundations on oily skin will only make your skin look a lot oilier. Dewy foundations work particularly well for people with dry skin and for those with dull skin.

How to Use Dewy Foundation?

Apply using a foundation brush or damp make up sponge, dab over spots you think may need extra coverage. If you are worried it may look a little oily just apply some translucent powder on your t-zone. You can also use oil-blotting paper during the day

Recommended Dewy Foundations:

Images courtesy of Roland Darby and Michal Marcol