How to Give Yourself the Perfect Manicure That Lasts

I love getting my nails done but sometimes I don’t have time to go to salon. Here are easy to follow steps to getting chip-free nails.


Start off by wiping each nail with a cotton ball which has been soaked with nail polish remover. This will dissolve any old nail polish or oils that prevent your new nail polish from sticking to your nails.

Step 1

You want to create the perfect base layer so apply a thin layer of base coat. Base coat is a slightly tacky formula that helps adhere the nail polish to the nail plate and helps it stay put.

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Step 2

Now apply your favourite nail colour. To prevent air bubbles wipe the brush against the rim of the bottle to get rid of large globs of polish. Apply two layers of nail polish.

Step 3

After the second coat, apply polish to the edge of the nails, this will help prevent chipping. Do this by holding the brush vertically then sweep the side of it across the nail’s edge.

Step 4

Apply top coat to seal the colour and add extra shine. Some top coats can help the nail polish set faster. To help speed up the drying time hold your hand under a blow dryer on the warm setting to help evaporate solvents for two minutes. To finish off use the cool setting on the blow dryer for three minutes.

And there you have it, chip free nails which should last for at least a week

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