Top Ten Tips for Beautiful Nails

Use these tip to get perfect looking nails.

1. Avoid using nail polish removers containing acetone, as these can strip you nails of essential moisture. Choose a nail polish remover that has conditioning properties instead.

2. Every time you wash your hands, apply hand cream as this will prevent dryness and seal in moisture.

3. The most common cause of soft nails is moisture. To prevent the softening of your nails wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes.

4. If you find your fingernails are very weak, try applying base coat and nail polish under the tip of your nails. This will give your nail extra strength.

healthy nails

5. To instantly seal freshly painted nails, dip the wet nails into icy cold water.

6. To repair a split fingernail, tear a little from a teabag or coffee filter paper and glue it over the tear with nail glue. As soon as it is dry buff it until it is smooth and go over the nail with some polish.

7. If you plan on doing some messy work such as gardening, drag your nails over a bar of soap. The nail underneath will be filled with soap so no dirt will get into your nails.

8. To clean any stain from your fingertips, use a toothbrush with toothpaste to clean the affected areas.

9. Do not file your fingernails immediately after having a bath as your nails are soft and weak and can be prone to splitting.

10. To clean underneath your nails, use a cotton bud. This is gentler than scrubbing your fingernails with a nail brush.