Choosing the Best Nail Colour for Your Skin Tone

You probably know how to do a perfect manicure at home now it is time to go crazy and find the right nail colour. If you are looking to find the perfect nail colour to match your skin tone then follow this easy guide.

Best Nail Colour for Warm Skin Tones

If you have a warmer skin tone avoid nail colours with cool undertones. Try using warms pinks, deep browns corals, with yellow undertones or white-pink sheer colours. For a boost of colour, use an orangey shade this is particularly good for contrasting with olive skin tone.

nail polish colours

Best Nail Colour for Cool Skin Tones

For cool skin tones look out for colours with blue under tones. If you want to wear red nail polish try using a cool berry shade. If you like wearing pink then opt for a pink with bluish undertones and avoid beige undertones.

Best Nail Colour for Dark Skin

Darker skin tones look great with warm browns, creamy beiges, vivid pinks and deep purple shades. To avoid your nail beds showing through, make sure the polish is darker than your nail bed. If you really want to use light colours you could also try using white nail polish as a base colour.

Remember you don’t always have to follow the rules, explore and experiment with as much nail colours as you can until you find your perfect shade.

image: Teeratas