How to Trim Your Own Fringe

Don’t want to go to salon every time you need your fringe trimmed. Well follow these instructions, make sure the scissors you use are sharp, pointed and no more than five inches long. These can be found at a beauty supply store.

Step One

If you usually blow-dry your fringe, apply styling gel and blow them dry using a round brush. If wash and wear is more your speed, let them air dry. Either way, never cut your fringe when it is wet because they will shrink and when they dry they will look too short.

trimming your own fringe

Step Two

Use a comb to precisely section off the hair you do not want to cut. Tuck it behind your ears or pull it back into a ponytail. Only your fringe should be left loose.

Step Three

Using a styling comb (which is long and straight with baby-fine, inch-long teeth), divide your fringe in half. Starting with one half, comb down the fringe (comb with the teeth facing out) and rest the comb on your brow bone as a safe guard: Don’t cut your fringe any shorter than the point where the comb hits your face.

Step Four

Start “point-cutting”, or snipping into the fringe section at a 45 degree angle. Do a bit at a time, moving slowly. Repeat on the other half. Never cut bangs straight across; it’s nearly impossible to keep a straight line.

Step Five

Check the results. If they are too dense, cut the layers by sandwiching a section of your fringe between two fingers and pulling it vertically above your head. Slide your hands towards the ends and let some strands fall. Then, lower your fingers an inch down the hair section and point-cut (a half inch, at most) above your fingers.