Tips for Covering White Hair

If you don’t like having white hairs and looking for ways to hide your white hair, then follow these tips.

If you just want to cover a few white hairs use a temporary or semi-permanent colour that will last for six to eight weeks. Choose one that is similar to your natural colour. If you have brown hair choose a warm brown colour, as these will pick out the white areas and give it lighter chestnut highlights. You can also try using henna to add a glossy finish and also produce red highlights.

For salt and pepper coloured hair (hair that is a mixture of white and natural coloured hair), try using a longer lasting semi-permanent hair colour. These types of hair colours usually last up to 20 shampoos and add extra shine to your hair.

If your hair is completely white it can be covered with permanent hair colour. However with permanent hair colour you will need to update the colour every 4 to 6 weeks. For those who prefer to stay with their natural shade of white can improve the colour by using toning shampoos, conditioners and styling products, which will remove any brassiness and add a beautiful silvery tone.