Home Hair Dyeing Tips

Dyeing your hair at home can have its benefits, it’s a lot cheaper and plus you have your privacy. However it can be a lot harder, especially if it is your first time dying your hair.

If you want beautiful results then follow these tips

Wait at least two weeks after a hair treatment

If you have just chemically straightened or permed your hair wait at least two weeks before dyeing your hair at home. It is important to give you hair a rest before dyeing your hair to prevent any further damage

Don’t go more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural colour

For at home hair colouring kits it is hard to get good results using shades more than two shades darker or lighter. Use colour charts on the hair dye boxes to help guide you to choosing the right colour.home hair dyeing tips

Don’t wash your hair before dyeing it

This is to keep the natural oils to help protect your hair and scalp

Do a strand test

Dye some strands of hair before colouring your whole head. Do it on bits of hair you don’t normally see, like behind your ear. This will help you estimate how long to leave the hair dye in your hair.

Wait 24 hours before washing your hair

example of hair colour chart

If is important you wait a full day to help the hair dye settle in your hair. This will help your colour last longer.

Apply moisturiser or Vaseline around your face

Do this to prevent dye from going onto your skin

Find someone to help you

It is really helpful to have someone to help you especially if you have long hair