Powder Blush Vs Cream Blush: How to Choose the Right Type of Blush

Using blush is an instant way to give your skin a boost. Here are two types of blushers you can choose from.

Powder Blush

This should be applied over the top of your foundation and face powder. To apply powdered blush, dust over the compact with a large soft blusher brush. If you have too much blush on your brush, tap off the excess, by tapping the handle on the back of your hand to remove excess. It is best to waste a little blush, than apply to much.

Start applying the colour on the fullest pars of your cheeks, directly below the centre of your eyes. Then smile and dust the blush over your cheekbones and upward towards your temples. Blend the colour well towards the hairline, so you avoid harsh edges. This will effectively place colour where you would naturally blush.

Cream Blush

Breaking all the traditional beauty rules, cream blush is applied using your fingertips. Cream blusher is put on after foundation but before powder. It is perfect for giving a lovely fresh natural glow to your face and is good for all skin types.

To apply cream blush, dab a few dots of it over your cheeks, from the plumpest part of your cheeks towards your cheek bones. Using your fingertips, blend well. Build up the effect gradually, adding more blush to create the look you want. Instead of using your fingertips you can use a foundation sponge to blend the blush.