Perfect Eyebrows for Your Face Shape

When shaping your eyebrows you usually can’t go wrong with the classic arch. However there are certain eyebrow shapes that are suited to particular face shapes. Follow this guide to choosing the perfect brow shape according your face shape.

Perfect Eyebrows for Round Face Shape

If you have a round face you will look the best with a stronger brow. Avoid small, skinny brows as this actually accentuates fullness. Keep brows as long as possible. A high arch can also add angles to a round face, but avoid dropping the brows too drastically after the arch. Let your brows taper off with a slight downward slope.

Perfect Eyebrows for Heart Face Shape

Since your face is the widest at the forehead, you will want a natural fuller brow to keep the proportion in balance. However don’t let your brows get too big, or they could overwhelm your face and create a top-heavy effect, especially if your eyes are on the small side. Tweeze a slightly higher arch than the soft arch of the classic brow, and start it direct above the middle of your iris to give the ends some needed extra length.

perfect eyebrow shape

Perfect Eyebrows for Long Face Shape

To add the illusion of width, slightly shorten your eyebrows. Pluck a few hairs from the outer ends, but don’t overdo it or you’ll totally throw off the proportions of your face. Avoid a face lengthening high arch. A straighter brow with a gentle sloping arch and a soft taper will be more flattering.

Perfect Eyebrows for Square Face Shape

Use your brows to soften the angular edges of your face. If you have a strong jaw, keep your brows full to divert attention away from your chin and towards your eyes. Pluck an arch at the far corner of your iris so the tapered end of the brow is shorter and uplifted. Don’t let your brow dip down at the end or it will drag your eyes down.