Revlon Lash Grow Luscious Review

You may have already seen the adverts for Revlon’s Lash Grow Luscious, a mascara that is suppose to strengthen your eyelashes. Sounds too good to be true… So I decided to try it.

The formula is quite dry, which I found didn’t nourish or condition my eyelashes. After using it for several weeks I did not notice much of a change. If my lashes did strengthen, then the results were not significant enough for me to notice the change. Length wise, there was no difference at all. If you really want to strengthen or lengthen your lashes I recommend using an eyelash serum. You will get noticeable results in a shorter period of time

As a mascara itself, I didn’t like it. Formula is quite dry and it tended to clump. I kept getting fall outs which left me with little dark spots on my face. If you use an eyelash curler, this mascara will not hold your curl. Even the waterproof formula did not hold my curl. The brush, however is nice and big and the mascara does add a lot of volume to your lashes. The black mascara is very pigmented and black. If you are the type that likes dry formula mascaras then I would probably recommend this mascara.

Overall I give the mascara a 3/5. The concept of a mascara that makes your lashes grow is excellent but pity it didn’t quite work as well. As a mascara itself, it isn’t so great either but it still makes your lashes stand out and gives it extra volume.

Revlon Lash Grow Luscious