Tips to look younger by changing your lipstick

Do you feel like you image needs a fresh makeover? Well you can look younger simply by changing your lipstick. Follow these tips to freshen up your look.

Throw away any dark lipsticks

Dark shades of brown, plum and blood red can make your lips look smaller and emphasises dark circles around the eyes.

Use pink lipsticks

By using a pink lipstick that is a one or two shades lighter than your natural lip colour will flatter your skin tone and make you look years younger.

Avoid matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks should be avoided as they tend to settle into the lines on your lips and exaggerate them.

Use shiny or shimmery lip colour

By wearing a lip gloss or lipstick with shine or simmer, it will make your lips look more plump and juicier.

Use a lipstick with added moisture

By using a lipstick with moisturising ingredients this will hydrate your lips preventing dry, chapped lips.