How To Get a Streak Free Tan

Earlier we learnt how to choose the right a self tanner for your skin tone and how to apply fake tan on your face. Now we are going to show you how to get a streak free tan on your body.

If you know anything about UV rays you will know how dangerous it can be to bake in the sun. This is why self tanners and fake tanners are the answer to getting a beautiful bronze tan. While going to a tanning salon can give you the best results you can try self tanners at home.

Here is the complete guide to getting a streak free, natural looking tan

Step 1

You first need to prepare your skin for tanning. Start by removing any unwanted body hair (by shaving or other at-home hair removal methods) and make sure you exfoliate your skin. Moisturise your entire body make sure you concentrate on your drier areas such as the knees, ankles, toes, elbows, knuckles and around your underarms, as drier areas tend to absorb too much tanner. Allow your skin to thoroughly dry.

streak free tanStep 2

Start off by applying the tanner to your legs and thighs. Put on latex gloves to prevent unwanted tan stains on the palm of your hand. If you’re using a cream or gel tanner apply a quarter-size amount of self tanner, (if you are using tanning mousse use a egg size amount, for tanning sprays, hold the spray 8 inches away from your skin)this will be enough to cover the shin and calf of one leg. Sweep it down over the ankle, foot and toes (try to avoid your toe nails). Glide another quarter size amount onto your thigh from front to back. Use any excess self tanner to cover your knees, do this in a light, circular motion. Repeat these steps on your other leg

Step 3

Apply the same amount of self tanner to hips, tummy (avoid the bully button) and torso. Blend any excess tanner on your neck. Apply another quarter size amount on both your shoulders and your upper arms, for a even streak free tan blend the excess tanner on the undersides of your arms and very lightly on your elbows. Apply a nickel-size amount onto forearms, and have a friend to do your back.

Step 4

Take off the gloves and smooth a smaller dab of tanner on your wrists and spread over the back of your hands. Use a lighter amount on your fingers so the self tanner does not gather into your knuckles. Quickly remove any tanner on your finger nails or cuticles using a Q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Wash your palms in soap and water; wait at least 30 minutes before you get dressed. To avoid streaks and uneven tan, one your skin is dry rub any excess dark areas with a wet face cloth, gentle scrub or a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.

And there you have it a perfect streak free natural looking tan.

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