How to get a Streak-free Natural Looking Tan using Self-tanner

Tanned limbs and a bronzed body can make you look and feel fitter. Thankfully, fake-tan formulas have come a long way, making it easier than ever to get an even natural looking colour. Regardless of the type of self-tanner you decide to use, follow these tips for a streak-free flawless looking tan.

Exfoliation before tanning helps to remove any previous tan build-up, which can make your new tan patchy.

Any hair removal should be done at least 24 hours before tanning. This gives your skin a chance to get back to normal as all hair-removal processes change the way your skin absorbs tanning products, and can irritate your skin as the pores are left open.

Thoroughly moisturise any dry spots or any areas where tan has previously built up. Some telltale areas are hands, ankles, elbows and underarms.

It’s best to wear dark, loose clothes after application, so that no unwanted lines appear, such as bra lines and sock lines.

Don’t wear any perfume and deodorant – they can react with the formula and the tan will not absorb evenly in those spots.