Do Hair Minimizing Creams Work?

Ever seen those ads for creams claiming to minimize body hair and wondered whether it is true? Studies show that body moisturizers containing soy protein can help to reduce the appearance of hair on the arms and legs. Dermatologists have long known the ingredient, found in many over-the-counter facial creams, can penetrate the skin and often soften and even out skin tone, decreasing the appearance of age spots or other mottled pigmentation. But researchers now believe that soy works the same way on our hair follicles, effectively lessening the transfer of pigments to the follicle. The results you will see are softer, lighter hair. You can expect to start seeing results usually in two to four weeks.

hair minimizing cream

Another cream to consider is Vaniqa, this cream actually doesn’t eliminate your body hair but it does slow down the development of fine downy facial hair by blocking the enzyme that stimulates hair growth. Dermatologists recommend that you apply it twice a day for three or four months and then once a day afterwards. However you do have to consistently use the cream.

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