Best Volumizing Hair Products

Hair feeling a little flat? Want some more body and volume? There are a few simple tricks and products that can give your hair the volume it needs.

Teasing Brush

This is probably the most common and popular way to tease your hair. You can choose between a teasing comb or a teasing brush, however the brush is a lot easier and quicker to use. Grab the piece of hair you want to get extra lift and hold up above your hair. Spray a little hair spray then using the brush, brush the back of your hair in a downwards motion.

get more volume

Using Hair Product to Add Volume

There are so many different hair products these days that can help add volume to your hair. You can choose from a spray gel formula or a mousse. If you have fine hair you will find the volumizing mousse will suit you better and for thick hair try the volumizing gel spray formula. To add some lift to your hair put your head upside down and apply the hair product to the root of your hair. For best results use it on slightly damp hair and a blow dryer with a diffuser hair attachment.


Bumpits are becoming quite popular these days as they are a simple way to poof your hair up. Before you could only buy the hard type which can feel uncomfortable. But now you can get the softer types of bumpits which work the same but feels more natural when placed on your head.

velcro bumpit

Hair Extensions

Hair extension can instantly make your hair look thicker and fuller and when placed correctly add volume. Extensions can be expensive and requires you to go to a salon, but now days you can buy clip-ins which are affordable. They can also be taken out and placed in whenever you feel like it.