Laser Vs Electrolysis Hair Removal

Have you ever considered permanent hair removal but not sure of the choices out there. Confused whether to choose between electrolysis or laser and pulse light hair remover? Both have they cons and pros and are suited to different people. Here is a guide to choosing between electrolysis hair removal and laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair remover also known as laser pulse light uses lasers to emit on a wavelength which destroys the hair follicles. New, non laser light sources (also referred to as Intense Pulsed Light technology or IPL) are the least effective but probably the least dangerous as it uses the beaming light of multiple wavelengths into the follicle to remove hair. Both laser hair removal and IPL requires multiple sessions which need to be spaced out two or three weeks apart.

Laser Vs Electrolysis Hair Removal

Who is Laser Removal Best For?

Both Laser hair removal and IPL works best on light skin and dark hair (because of the strong contrast in the tones). Neither of these techniques is precise enough to use on the eyebrows.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

There is a mild discomfort for both treatments. If you are extra sensitive try taking asprin or even apply Emla cream (prescription cream), Anbesol ointment (over the counter ointment) or LMX cream (over the counter cream) before your hair removal treatment.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Takes?

It can take up to four to six treatments spaced about a month apart. The upper lip can take 10 to 15 minutes, bikini area can take up to 20 minutes and one half leg can take about 30minutes.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Once the series of treatments are complete results should be permanent however these results aren’t always guaranteed.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Depending on your body part sessions can run from $150 to $3000 each.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis uses a needle that carries an electric current beneath the skin into one hair follicle at a time to destroy it. Because hair grows in different stages and can only be stopped at one of those phases, multiple electrolysis sessions is necessary for permanent results.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal Best For?

Since electrolysis uses a needle to zap one hair at a time it is best to use electrolysis for small areas.

Is Electrolysis Painful?

Electrolysis feels like tiny pricks however if you want to make electrolysis less painful and reduce swelling apply Emla cream, Anbesol ointment or LMX cream before your electrolysis session. You can even try taking aspirin two hours before your treatment.

How Long Does Electrolysis Take?

The time it takes varies per person but generally you should expect one or two 15 minute sessions per area (small area such as upper lip or brow). You may have to do session every two weeks for six months.

Is Electrolysis Hair Removal Permanent?

Results should be permanent once all treatment and sessions are complete.

How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

A 15 minute session cost from about $15 to $100 depending on the size of the area you want to remove hair.


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