Best ways to Remove Blackheads

Hate blackheads? Looking for ways to get rid of them? Well I have tried many different ways and I thought I would share the best methods. If you know of a good way to get rid a blackheads or know any great blackhead remover products feel free to share in the comments section.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads are a type of acne that are located within the pore and is usually black or yellow in colour. They are caused by excess oil which gets accumulated in the pores resulting in a ball of oil. Black heads usually turn black when it is oxidised by exposure to air.

Best Methods to get rid of Blackheads

Here are methods to get remove blackheads which I find work the best

The Blackhead Extractor

This is commonly used by beauty therapists when doing facials. It is easy to use press the circular end over the blackhead and then use it to squeeze the blackhead by dragging on the skin. You do need to be careful not to push too hard as you may tear the skin. It can be painful and can be time consuming if you have lots of blackheads. However you can use this anywhere on your face. Always be careful and make sure your tools are hands are clean because large thing you want is for your pore to get an infection.

Pore Pack

These work really well. Just wet your nose and stick this on, wait for it to dry then slowly peel off. I find this works best straight after a warm shower. The only problem with this is you can only really use it on your nose. Also don’t forget to splash cold water on your nose after using this to tighten up your pores. In addition you can use a pore tightening serum

Peel-Off Mask

There are some peel-off masks that work great to get rid of blackheads. They work similarly to the pore pack, however peel-off mask can be used on the entire face. Peel-off masks also have other benefits such as getting rid of dead skin cells which end up brightening your skin. But they aren’t effective as pore packs at getting rid of very stubborn blackheads. Depending on the brand blackhead masks can be extremely painful to peel off.


The best exfoliators have synthetic microbeads which help clean out the pores. Exfoliators are great because they are not as harsh on your skin like the above methods and some exfoliators can be incorporated into your daily skin care. Exfoliators tend to better to prevent blackheads than remove them. However they do, do a good job removing blackheads from large pores.

Blackhead Serums

This is probably the easiest must gentlest way to remove blackheads. The problem is they don’t work for everyone. However this is great to use in addition to other blackhead removing methods.