Best Ways to get Rid of Back Acne/Bacne – Prevention and Treatment Tips

Acne on the face is rather irritating; but getting acne on the back is worse as it can get painful and requires special attention. Like other acne, bacne is caused by the blockage of pores due to overactive sebaceous glands. If you too have back acne, there are various back acne treatment options available.

  1. Treat it like any other acne with acne medication containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Leave it on your clean and dry back for 5 minutes before washing off. Use a 10% sulfur solution instead of 5 or 10% benzoyl peroxide acne medications if your skin is sensitive.
  1. Apple cider vinegar helps get rid of back acne. It tightens the pores, kills bacteria and reduces redness and swelling. Clean your back and then apply the vinegar directly to the bacne with a cotton ball or spray bottle. Leave it on for at least 5 to 10 minutes before washing off and ensure it’s dry before dressing up. Besides apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and witch hazel also helps get rid of back acne.
  1. Aloe Vera is an effective remedy for various diseases as it strengthens the body’s immune system, calms your nerves and has an analgesic effect. It’s used both externally and internally to regenerate your body on a cellular level and thus regenerate skin for acne scars. It also provides relief from secondary effects of bacne like swelling, redness and acne scars. For best results, use as a mask while applying directly on the skin.
  1. Sulfur or putsch provides an effective acne treatment and is available as soaps in pharmacies. Sulfur helps treat bacne by peeling the upper skin layer to remove excess sebum and make it easier for pores to breathe.


best way to get rid of back acneSulfur also kills off most bacteria with its strong antibacterial properties and helps dry pimples. However consult your doctor if you plan to use a sulfur soap with a concentration more than 10%. For best results, wash your back with the soap in the evening, when you will be indoors.

Besides treating bacne, the best way to get rid of back acne is by preventing it in the first place! Remember prevention is always better than cure, so use these 8 tips to prevent back acne.

  1. Use a mild cleanser or soap in the morning, night and after intense exercise to wash your back. Avoid harsh soaps or scrubbing pads as they aggravate the condition. Use a back-washing scrubber or ask a friend or family member to help if you find it difficult reaching your back.
  1. If your hair is long and touches your neck and back, make sure you wash it regularly. If your hair is oily, it’s better if you wash it every day. Avoid using hair products with excess oil like waxes, pastes, gels, hairsprays, glues and shine sprays as they may run down your back and clog your pores.
  1. Never pick on acne lesions as it only increases the risk of an infection and also leaves a scar.
  1. Wear a sunscreen of at least SPF 15 when you are outdoors as a sunburn can make your back skin more acne prone.
  1. Wear clean clothes as dirty clothes only adds more dirt and oil to the bacne and worsens it. Don’t wear the same shirt twice without washing and wear a new, clean bra every day. Also change your sheets, blankets and pillows at least twice a week to keep excess bacteria and oil at bay.
  1. Eating a healthy diet helps. Avoid eating oily and sugary foods and drink lots of water so that your body doesn’t produce too much oil.
  1. Synthetic clothes don’t let the skin breathe and this prevents the sweat from drying easily. This triggers bacterial growth to create a favorable condition for bacne. This is why it’s better to prevent bacne by wearing loose clothes and clothes made from natural fibers like cotton which let your skin breathe.
  1. Always keep your skin clean and avoid wearing too much body cream in summer as it may block your pores. Use a moisturizing shower gel if needed, to keep the skin in ideal equilibrium.

Of course, if all these treatment options and preventive measures don’t help get rid of your back acne, it’s better if you seek professional help. They will prescribe stronger topical or oral prescription medications or even an anti-biotic.

Image courtesy of: freedigitalphotos and pat138241