Best Skin Care Routine for Normal Skin

The objective to finding the best skin care routine for normal skin is to be able to maintain a balanced, evenly textured complexion and to keen your skin sufficiently hydrated.

Cleansing for Normal Skin

To remove dirt and oil wash your skin with a gentle water-soluble cleanser every morning and night. Try to avoid using soap as it contains surfactants and lathering agents which can strip the moisture away from your skin. Instead use a cleanser with a milky or creamy consistency.

skin care routine for normal skin

Best Cleanser for Normal Skin

Moisturizing for Normal Skin

Moisturize your skin morning and night after you cleanse your skin. For maximum hydration apply your moisturizer when you skin is still damp.

Best Moisturizer for Normal Skin

Protecting Normal Skin

Make sure your day time moisturizer contains an SPF of 15 of higher and will guard you against UVA and UVB rays. Even when there is a overcast you still need to wear sun protection.

Best SPF Sun Protection for Normal Skin

Using Wrinkle Treatment for Normal Skin

Exfoliate dead skin cells with a chemical exfoliate after you cleanse your face, every night. Look for a facial treatment that contains glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids to keep your skin supple, smooth and fresh.

Best Wrinkle Treatment for Normal Skin