How to Apply Lipstick to Enhance Your Lip Shape

There is no such thing as a perfect lip shape, but there are ways to make your lips appear fuller or thinner using simple makeup tricks. Try out these tips and tricks to make the most of your lip shape.

How to Enhance Full Lips

For full lips you will want to play them down, so use a neutral, soft matte lipstick and avoid using lip liner. Apply colour to the centre of your lips with your finger and blend outward, leaving the edges soft and undefined. To play them up, trace pencil lip liner on the inside of your lip line and blend inward using a lip brush, apply your favourite lipstick.

Angelina Jolie Lips

How to Enhance Thin Lips

Gyneth Paltrow Lips

You can make thin lips look plumper by tracing the outer edge of your lips with a neutral liner and then blending. Use a medium or light shade sheer lipsstick and apply to your lips. Dot iridescent gloss on the middle of the bottom lip to give your lips a pouty and fuller looking effect.

How to Enhance Lips That are Thin on the Top and Full on the Bottom

Katie Holmes Lips

Use this tip to help balance the uneven size of your lips. For the top lips follow the tips for thin lips and for the bottom lip follow the tips for the full on the bottom tips. Apply your lipstick and add gloss the top lip only.

How to Enhance Bow Shaped Lips

Charlize Theron Lip

If you have bow shaped lips try going for the vintage 1930’s look. Tuck you upper lip under your teeth so you can easily see the V-shape in the centre of your top lip. To balance your lip, line the bow first, then the bottom lip at the centre (just below the bow). Draw light lines to the outer corners on the bottom and top of your lips. Finish off with your favourite lipstick shade.