Best Lip Colour for Your Skin Tone

Adding colour to your lips is an easy and effortless way to change the way you look. You can go from sexy to sophisticated, mod to melodramatic or innocent to edgy in a matter of seconds. There are really no set rules for choosing the perfect colour for your skin tone, but you will probably release some shades are suited better to your skin tone. Here is a quick and simple guide to choosing the right lip colour for your skin tone.

Best lip colour for pink skin tones

If you have pink or cool undertones you might find that cooler colours such as blue-reds and blue-pinks look better on your skin tone.

Best lip colour for warm skin tones

For those with yellow, olive or black skin try wearing warmer or orange hues. If you have olive skin then avoid fuchsia coloured lipstick as this will make your complexion appear greener.

best lip colour

Remember you can always mix up your lip colour by playing around with textures. Try using matte, glossy or shimmery lip colours. Also experiment with bolder colours, you will be surprised with what you can pull off!!