How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for your Skin

The perfect moisturizer needs to feel your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and protect your skin without any irritation. It can also have added benefits of treating your skin for fine lines, pigmentation or oiliness. That is why it is import to choose a moisturizer based on you skin type. Keep reading to find out what moisturizer will cater best for your skin type and needs:



Acne Prone Skin:

Need to treat pimples fast? Choose specific acne-targeted skin care such as A.S.A.P ans Alpha-H to fight acne. Alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid are also very helpful to get rid of blemishes.

Dry Skin

Creamy moisturizers with ingredients such as hyaluronic acids work best to help lock moisture into your skin. To add extra hydration to dry skin apply rosehip oil right before you apply face cream at night.

Young Skin

Avoid premature ageing by using products with antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea, coffee berry and idebenone. These help neutralise free radicals that lead to premature ageing.

Sensitive Skin

Choose simple skin care that use fewer ingredients. Look out for moisturisers that are certified organic, hypoallergenic and frangrance free.

Wrinkles or Fine Lines

Choose a moisturizer that is specifically targeted for mature or ageing skin. Look for anti-ageing ingredients such as retinol as this will help promote cell renewal.

Sun Protection

No matter what skin type or age, everyone should be wearing a daily moisturizer with sunscreen. Your day time moisturizer should ideally have SPF 30 with UVA,UVB broad-spectrum protection.