Choosing a Foundation for Your Skin Type

It is important to choose the right foundation to cater towards your skin type so you are able to provide the right coverage you need. Sometimes you can easily just read the labels of the foundation other times it may be hard to figure out whether the foundation is right for your skin type.

Here is a quick and easy guide to choosing the right foundation for your skin type

Choosing a foundation for oily skin

When looking for a foundation for oily skin choose foundations that are “oil-free” or say they contain oil-control properties. Try sticking with liquid, powder or stick foundation. If your skin is extremely shiny use a foundation that contains oil absorbing powders to mattify your skin. If you also have acne prone skin there are oil-free foundations that contain salicylic acid. These foundations can help combat acne.

Choosing a foundation for combination skin

If your skin is mostly dry, try using a moisturizing foundation. If your skin is mostly oily, use an oil-free foundation. Cream to powder foundations work really on combination skin with very oil areas, as they reduce shine and provide good coverage. Now days there are new “balancing” formulations that are designed specifically for combination, which effectively absorbs excess oil and moisturizers dry patches.

Choosing a foundation for dry skin

For those with dry skin look for a foundation with moisturizing properties. Aim for foundations that say they are “hydrating” or “moisture-rich”. Stick with liquid and cream foundation formulations as they are designed to hydrate skin. For a nice glow choose a foundation which claims to have a satin finish. For a matte finish look for a foundation containing skin softening ingredients such as Vitamin E.