How to Stop Your Foundation from Oxidizing

Ever notice when you apply foundation, throughout the day it changes colour? Your foundation can easily go from a flawless natural looking colour to a horrible dark orange. So why does this happen? This is commonly known as foundation oxidizing. What generally happens is the pH in your skin reacts to the foundation which makes it change colour.

So want to know how to stop your foundation from oxidizing?

First you can try using a primer. It will act as a base and also a barrier between your skin and your foundation. Apply primer after you have cleansed and moisturized your skin. Make sure you let the moisturizer absorb before applying primer.

stop your foundation from oxidizing

Here are some recommended primers to use:

This next trick is one of my favourites because it’s cheap and this product can already be found in your kitchen… baking soda!

baking soda

Mix equal amounts of baking soda with your favourite loose powder and lightly dust this mixture onto your face before you apply your foundation. The baking soda will give your skin a slightly alkaline pH, this will then help to prevent your foundation from turning orange.


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