Best Hair Chalk for Colouring Hair

The biggest trend in hair today is bright bold colors  The problem with coloring hair is that it can damage your hair and dying your hair isn’t good for temporarily changing your look. Luckily there is a simple way to add color to your hair temporarily without damaging it. This technique is called chalking. Find out how to change your look and which is the best hair chalk to color your hair.

hair chalk

What is the Best Hair Chalk

Interested in trying chalking? Here are the best hair chalks for temporarily coloring your locks.


Gypsy Stix 32 Color Hair Chalk Set

31moZ1x1nxLThis kit comes in 32 colors and is non-toxic. It takes 60 seconds for the chalk to set and if you take proper care or your hair the shade can last up to 3 days. It does not stain or rub onto clothing.



Edge Hair Chalk Stix

51sgVDnM6FLThese sticks are great for a no mess application. It comes in a applicator stick so you can avoid getting the color all over your finger. The set comes in 6 shimmering metallic shades.




Donna Bella Hair Chalk

61h70p+FaaL._SL1000_The colors are purchased individually. This is great if your after just one particular color.





How to Color Your Hair Using Hair Chalk

Start off by wearing something to protect your clothing. Hair chalking can get really messy.

Wet your hair. It will make sure the chalk will adhere to your hair

Twist a desired strand of hair and rub the chalk up and down the hair.

Repeat this where ever you want to color your hair.

Let your hair dry, after it is dry set the chalk by using a blow dryer or hair straightener.

Simply wash your hair when ever you want to remove the chalk.

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