How to Get Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most important features on your face. Find out how you can get perfectly shaped brows.

Three Simple Steps to Perfect Eyebrows

1. Shape

Pull the skin tight and pluck hairs beneath the natural arch in the direction they are growing.

2. Line Up

To determine the inner edge, line up a pencil vertically against one nostril. Your brow should begin where it meets your forehead.

3. Define

Hold your eyebrow pencil so it’s lying sideways against the brow, then sketch the fine lines of your brow to define them.



Tips to Getting Perfect Brows

Always groom your brows in natural light, use a hand mirror for close-up precision and a large mirror so you can step back and check that they are even.

It’s fine to pluck stray hairs above the eyebrows. Just don’t go overboard, and don’t tweeze too close to the hairline.

Your brows should be long, thick and slightly arched. Avoid the tadpole look by going a little at a time, and use your natural shape as an outline.

For longer lasting results, get your eyebrows threaded or waxed. Whatever you decide, it’s hard to get an accurate shape at home, so get it done professionally.

Tips for Grooming Eyebrows

Your brow colour should be two shades deeper than your natural hair colour.

Dab some highlights within the arch of your brow to show off your handiwork

Gently comb a gel through your brows to hold hairs in place.

Eyebrows Do’s and Don’ts

Do groom your brows daily.

Don’t get rid of the long hairs, as these are what give your brows their shape.

Do pluck brows after a hot shower when your pores are open – it’s less painful.

Don’t pluck them during your period, when your skin is particularly sensitive.

Do go and see a professional if you’re unsure about what shape to go for.



How to Shape Your Eyebrows (Tips and Tricks)