Best Eyebrow Grooming Tools


Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features. Any small changes to your eye brows can make a huge different to your appearance. When grooming your eyebrows you will want to use the best eye brow grooming tools. Make sure you never over pluck your brows and always remove one hair at a time to avoid any big mistakes. Keep reading to learn about the best tools to use to get the perfect eyebrow shape.

Best Tweezers for Grooming Eyebrows

It is important to use a good tweezer when plucking your brow hairs, using weak or unaligned tweezers can make plucking impossible. Most eyebrow experts recommend using flat tweezers with a slanted edge as it grabs hairs more easily. For added power, look for tweezers that can close tightly and have plenty of spring and tension

Best Eyebrow Pencil

Brow pencils define brows and add colour. For the best effect apply brow pencil using a light, feathery manner and in short strokes. Avoid drawing in one continuous arch as this will make you look like a cartoon character. Pencils can sometimes look harsh so you might want to try using a colour one shade lighter than your natural hair colour. You can make the brow coverage last longer by adding eyebrow powder and gel on top.

Best Eyebrow Powder

Eyebrow powders are great for making your brows look more natural rather than looking like it has been drawn on. Apply eyebrow powder using a firm and flat angled brush, this will add a subtle and natural colour to your brows. If you find your brows need extra grooming, set with a brow gel.

Best Eyebrow Gel

You can use either tinted or clear coloured brow gels. Clear gels are better for giving a natural but groomed effect. Brush it he gel towards the arch and outwards to the ends.

Best Bleach for Eyebrows

If you find your eyebrows look really harsh you can soften them by bleaching them one or two shades lighter. You can use any good quality facial hair bleach but always make sure you take extra care when washing it off.