Moisturizing Cleansers for Dry Skin

Is your skin feeling a little dry? Find most cleansers leave your face dry and flaky. Then it’s time to switch cleansers.

Cleansing your face is a important skincare routine as it not only removes dirt, dead skin cells and make up, but it also can improve the health and appearance of your skin with added ingredients.

You should always choose a cleanser based on your skin type and seasonal change, as your skin type can change during summer and winter. Usually during summer the weather tends to be more humid so foaming cleansers are usually best to use and are great for getting rid of excess oils. In winter the weather can dry out your skin so it is better to opt for creamier, milkier cleansers.

So when you feel like the weather has got your skin dry you instead of applying extra moisturiser, how about switching your cleanser instead. There are many cleansers to choose from so here is a quick guide to choosing the right nourishing cleanser for your skin type.

Cream Cleansers


Cream cleansers are suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Cream cleansers have a richer formula which contains emulsifiers which dissolves dirt, leaving a light moisturising film on your skin. How you use these cleansers are dependent on the brand and you should always check the instructions. These cleansers can be massaged directly onto the skin or put on a cotton pad and wiped over the face, then rinsed off.

Recommended Cream Cleaners:


Milk Cleansers


Milk cleansers are a slightly more liquid consistency then cream cleansers. They suit most skin types but are ideal for those with dry to normal skin. Milk cleansers are designed to help boost moisture in your complexion and are easy to use. Just add the cleanser onto a cotton pad then wipe over your face.

Recommended Milk Cleansers:

Face Wipes

Face wipes are pre-moistened cloths that are very quick and super easy to use. You just simply need to wipe these over the face. Face wipes are perfect for travelling as you can put these into your bag and take them anywhere. These days face wipes are very popular so they come in a range of formulas which suit many different skin types.

Recommended Face Wipes

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