Best Tips for Lightening Dark Hair

Having dark hair can be hard to change your hair colour, especially if you want to drastically lighten it. There can be many problems, for example your hair not lightening or it turning orange. However there are a few tips and tricks to help you dye or lighten black or dark brown hair. Just follow these tips.

Subtly lighten your hair using lemon or Sun-in

You may have heard of using lemon or a hair product called Sun-in to lighten hair. It does work but if your hair is very dark and pigmented the change may only be subtle. It works by applying 100% lemon juice or Spraying Sun-in onto your entire hair then exposing your hair to the sun for about an hour.

Using box hair dyes

It can be hard to choose a box hair dye colour as most of the time you find it doesn’t make a difference when lightening your hair. If you have black or brown-black hair and want to lighten it to a brown use an ash blonde dye. By choosing a blonde colour, the dye will lighten your hair more effectively than choosing a brown colour. And by using an ash toned blonde it will help neutralise any red tones in your hair.

How to drastically lighten black or dark brown hair

If you find box hair dyes are not enough to lighten your hair, then the next step is to bleach your hair. It is best to go to a professional to do this. But if you must do it at home use a highlight or streaking kit to gradually lighten your hair, a recommended one is Revlon Frost & Glow Honey Highlighting Kit . Make sure you use toner afterwards to prevent brassy tones.

Best Tips for Lightening Dark Hair

How to reduce red or orange hair tones in dark hair

A common problem when dyeing black or dark brown hair is getting unwanted orange or red tones. There are several ways to combat this problem.

Use a toner: stick to a toner that says it has silver or ash tones.

Use Purple Shampoo: Purple shampoo works like a toner, however it is not as strong. Use it instead of your regular shampoo whenever you feel like your hair is brassy.

Use a Semi-permanent Dye: If you find your hair has become very red or orange use an ash coloured semi-permanent dye. It won’t damage your hair as much as permanent dye and can last up to 15 washes.