What are the Different Types of Highlighting?

Highlighting is a perfect way to add dimension to your hair and brighten up your hair colour. There are different types of highlighting and you should choose the type you want depending on your hair colour.

What are basic hair highlights?

This is the most common highlighting method, a small section of hair is gathered with the point of a rat-tail comb and laid on a square piece of foil. Bleach is painted onto the hair until it is saturated, and then the foil is folded onto the section.

What are baliage hair highlights?

This type of highlighting is sometimes referred as “hair painting” this is a European colouring technique where highlights are painted on your hair without foils. Cotton batting or plastic wrap may be used to separate bleached sections from the rest of the hair. Baliage is the most artistic form of highlighting because the colourist can clearly see where they are putting the colour. It is also the most natural looking when your hair grows out, because the roots are less obvious (no foils mean no strict lines of demarcation).

What are chunky hair highlights?

Chunking is a technique that was highly popularized in the nineties. Big sections are lightened with on colour. “Piecing” is a more evolved form of chunking. Colourists still work with sizeable sections, but they use a number of light shades within each for a more three dimensional, less bleached out effect.

What are lowlight hair highlights?

Lowlights are when darker strands are woven into lighter hair to create depth. This is also a common strategy for downplaying gray hair without subjecting yourself to a dull dye job.