Pastel Pink Hair Trend: How you can DIY

Pastel Pink (cotton candy coloured) hair is starting to become a huge trend in hair styling. It’s cute, fun and will definitely get you a lot of attention, if you want to try to this awesome cute colour then follow these DIY tips

Using extensions to get pastel pink hair

You can start off with a few streaks. Using extensions, means you can try out the colour without it being permanent. You can either buy extensions already dyed or you can purchase light blonde extensions and dye them pink yourself (read below how to dye it yourself). If you are going to dye it yourself, make sure you use hair extensions that are 100% human hair, as synthetic extensions don’t colour very well.

pastel pink cotton candy hair

How to dye your hair pastel pink

If you are 100% ready to dye your hair pastel pink, then follow these instructions. It is best to start off with streaks or lowlights, but if you are daring you can do your whole head. Since pastel pink is quite a light colour, the dye works best on light blonde hair or platinum blonde hair. You may need to bleach your hair before using the hair colour. It is best to get a friend to help you to ensure your hair colour is even.

Start of doing a strand test by testing the colour on a small strand of hair. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer. Leave the dye on for 15 minutes, check every 5 minutes to determine when the colour is perfect.

Once you’re ready to dye your hair, divide it into section and apply to dye to the desired areas. Your hair may need to be washed and towel dried before use.

Leave in and wash off according to the time of your strand test. Shampoo and Condition.

Make sure you choose the right coloured hair dye as you want to avoid neon pink if you want your hair a nice pastel pink. Recommended dyes:

Celebrities trying out the pastel pink hair, click to enlarge!

lauren conrad with pastel pink tips Katy Perry with a pastel pink wash out look Katy Perry all over pastel pink cotton candy hair colour Rachel McAdams - cotton candy streaks Gwen Stefani - cotton candy hair colour


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