How to Make Hair Colour Last Longer

Considering it takes a lot of effort and expenses to colour hair, it is a good idea to find ways to make it last longer. Follow these tips for keeping your hair bright and shiny.

Stick to using shampoos and conditioners that are designed for colour-treated hair. This is because the ingredients they contain condition and coat your strands, so it preserves the freshness of your colour. Avoid using regular shampoos and conditioners, as they contain strong detergents that strip hair of dye.

To give your hair colour a boost between treatments, use a colour depositing shampoo. This will deposit pigments back into your hair, use this once per week.

Check the labels of all styling products to avoid ingredients that will have negative effects on colour-treated hair. Avoid products that contain alcohol as alcohol can suck the shine out of your hair.dyeing hair

To hide grey roots, try using a touch up stick or even a dab of eye shadow. You can do this while your between colour treatments.