Finding Your Perfect Scent

Perfumes can be very expensive so you need to be careful when purchasing the perfect fragrance. Here is a guide to choosing your ideal scent

Step 1

Think about your previous favourite perfumes and what categories do they fall under (e.g. fruity, floral, oriental).It is likely you will probably like the same kind of scents. Go through magazines and sniff samples of perfume strips to get an idea of what scents are currently on the market.

Step 2

According to experts your sense of smell is the strongest during the middle of the day. So shop for perfumes around this time. Don’t wear any fragrances while shopping and avoid wearing wrist jewellery as these may distort scents.

finding the perfect scent

Step 3

Take your time to browse through fragrances. Pay extra attention to names and bottles. To help narrow down your favourite scents tell the salesperson what types of fragrances you like and ask them to spritz the fragrances on blotter papers. Sniff coffee beans in between whiffs to clear your head.

Step 4

Choose your three favourite scents and try them on your skin (don’t try any more than three as it can overwhelm your nose). Apply the first on your inner wrist, second on your elbow and third on your opposite wrist. Don’t rub your wrists together as the friction and heat can alter the scent. Allow 15 minutes for the scent to develop. Scents usually smell slightly different on everybody as they react with individual body chemistry.

Step 5

Decide which scent is your favourite, and ask for a sample to take home. Wear these scents when you get home and see if you like the scent as it fully develops. This can take several hours and sometimes even days, you may not like the scent over time (some scents can change over time which might be unpleasant). Ask people you know for feedback, after a few days and you’re completely happy, you have found your perfect scent!