Different Hair Colouring Techniques

There is a range of different hair colouring processes and formulas out there and sometimes it can be hard to choose the right one. I have compiled a list of different hair colouring techniques to guide and inform you of the best one for your hair


What are highlights?

Highlights lighten a few strands of hair without changing your overall base colour. Highlights can come in a range of shades from blond, light brown, red or even caramel

How Long Do Highlights Last?

Colour is permanent however roots aren’t as noticeable you can do touch ups roughly every 4 to 16 weeks depending on your colour.

Who Should Use Highlights?

Anyone who wants to brighten their base colour. Highlights can look very natural if you choose the subtle colour and brighten the around your face and crown of your head.



What is Semi-Permanent Hair Colour?

Like the name describes, semi-permanent hair colour adds colour without it being permanent. This kind of hair colour technique only deposits pigment into the hair. This kind of colour treatment does not contain any ammonia or peroxides so it won’t lighten your hair, just darkens it.

How Long Does Semi-permanent Hair Colour Last?

The colour generally lasts up to six to twelve shampoos depending on the brand

Who Should Use Semi-Permanent Dye?

This is great for first time users who want a subtle change in hair colour. Perfect for enhancing your natural shade.


What is Demi-Permanent Hair Colour?

This hair colour treatment is similar semi-permanent except it contains low levels of hydrogen peroxide but it is ammonia-free. This will deepen and intensify hair colour but will not lighten your natural colour.

How Long Does Demi-Permanent Hair Colour Last

The colour usually lasts 24 to 26 shampoos.

Who Should Use Demi-Permanent Dye?

Recommended for people who wants to give their natural colour a boost for a few weeks with minimal damage.

Soft Permanent

What is Soft-Permanent Hair Colour?

This type of hair colouring process has small amounts of ammonia and peroxide. This can lighten your hair up to one and a half shades.

How Long Does Soft Permanent Hair Colour Last?

The results are permanent so lasts forever. Except expect you roots to show within 2 to 4 weeks.

Who Should Use Soft Permanent Dye?

People with blond, red or brown hair who want to brighten up and lighten their hair without drastic changes. Not recommended for people with dark hair as there might not be much colour change.


What is Permanent Hair Colour?

This product contains a strong amount of peroxide and ammonia. Permanent dyes remove pigment from hair and deposits colour into it.

How Long Does Permanent Hair Colour Last?

The colour lasts forever. Except expect you roots to show within 2 to 4 weeks.

Who Should Use Permanent Dye?

Recommended for anyone but if you are new to hair colour it is best to do this at a hair salon.