What are the Benefits of a Glycolic Peel?

A glycolic peel is when 30 to 50 percent of glycolic acid is applied evenly onto the surface skin of your face. It is designed to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells.

Glycolic Acids Help to:

  • Even out hyperpigmentation (dark areas)
  • Reduce active acne
  • Brighten up and even out blotchy and dull looking skin

How long is a glycolic peel session?

Each session a peel can stay onto the skin for two to thirty minutes onto the skin. For best results you will need at least four peels every three weeks. Results are permanent but you will need to protect your skin especially with sunscreen, daily.

glycolic peel benefits

Is a glycolic peel painful?

You may experience a tingly or stinging sensation but the pain is tolerable. Glycolic peels are not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

Any side effects with a glycolic peel?

You may experience some redness or flakiness for several days. Use a moisturizer to prevent flaking.

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